Safety Program Development

Well-trained employees are the key to your small business success. Studies have shown that the most successful, productive employees are those who have received extensive training. They’re the cream of the crop, often having the strongest stake in the company’s future.

OSHA Mandated Training

OSHA mandates that all companies with ten or more employees develop safety policies and procedures and train their employees. They also require that training is documented, OSHA records are maintained, accidents are investigated and hazards are corrected. In a small company this may not require a full-time safety manager. A contracted safety consultant or trainer may be a better financial decision.

Melanie Mornard

In a nutshell I build compliance competencies into organizations. What you get working with me...

...someone with a diverse business background with 30+ years executive experience developing management, human resource, and safety programs. Proven skill implementing multi-district, international compliance and training programs. Highly organized, creative and effective at needs analysis, goal setting and implementation.


Strong Communicator

Over 30+ years of nationwide training and presentation experience delivering employee development, technical skills and management training for diverse audiences nationwide with consistent excellent instructor ratings.


Orientation Development

Orientations to develop supervisory skills, and assure compliance with state and federal HR and OSHA regulations, employee and train-the-trainer manuals for technical, HR, and customer service skills development.


Certification and Safety Compliance

Established initial safety programs, and developed and conducted intensive trainings in diverse industries as banks, Native American casinos, jails and processing plants, bringing them into compliance with all government regulations.

Certified Safety Training here

OK - we've kept it short and sweet.

Want CORE COMPETENCIES before taking the next step?
Organizational Development| Certified Safety Auditor | Training Program Design and Curriculum Creation | Budget Development & Control | Written and Oral Communication | Staff Management & Mentoring | Consensus Building | Compliance Evaluation and Implementation | Team Facilitation | Licensed Safety Professional

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