43 Years of Talent and Creativity 
Diversity in Industry and Culture 
Job Finished On Time, Correctly

My name is Lance Como and I am a graphics designer and marketing communications expert of 43 years.

My objective is to give you what you see above. I work with you in a seamless manner so that the vision you have for the job you need engages with the finished work I do for you.

Some clients need a complete beginning-to-end process for a job, such as full branding, positioning and planning. Others may just need a logo, a brochure and other printed materials, with copywriting and a choice of typeface in bringing continuity to a company’s look.

Some clients need a trade show booth designed, created and produced. Some need a completely new website, while others just need a quick fix on a website. Do you need videography done? I can provide most any service in these areas.

I have worked with some of the best creative professionals in the business over the years. I learned from them and for over 38 years I have run my own business.

Venture Capital Road Shows
In that time frame I have worked with start-up companies such as Famous Dave's BBQ and CIMA Labs not only creating marketing materials, package design, and advertising but also created their Venture Capital Road Shows to help bring them public.

EST. 1978 - EVOLVED 2019

Started my career at JFP & Associates, an ad agency in Duluth, MN owned by Jeno Paulucci. Not too many years passed before I had my own small corporation; the Como Consortium Ltd. It was time to think thru semi-retirement. The result is COMO-BRAM - an Expert Combination of graphic arts featuring boat repair and maintenance. The best of both worlds to me.


Need a brochure, retail packaging, a website, or collateral materials? My clients have been with me on average 27+ years, there's a reason for it. I am available 24/7/365 and my clients take advantage of it.

Give me a call... I will take care of your graphic design projects.

Check out our Boat Repair and Maintenance website by clicking on the logo below.


Lucky Maru (1972 Grand Banks 32-247) began a voyage on America's Great Loop, on 17 Sep 2020. The voyage ended in New Bern NC mid July 2021 where the Lucky Maru was sold.

In April of 2022 a 1969 Bristol 42 Offshore was purchased and is in the process of being brought back to like new condition.