95% of my graphic design work comes from word of mouth referral. And, 28 years is the average length of time I have worked with my clients. There's a reason for it.


To most of those I help with graphic design, the most important line dealt with is the bottom. 43+ years of experience putting together marketing promotions... I don't waste time, I get it done..


I'm very mobile and live on a boat. Being mobile doesn't mean I'm not responsive to clients needs. My goal in life is to make you happy so don't be afraid to give me a call or send an email - I'll get right back to you.

American Development logo

AMDEV— clients present ideas— most of those ideas revolve around the need to communicate real value to potential customers and investors… they can’t afford to be cute.

American MedTech logo

American MedTech— start up companies often have great products— but, most can’t afford the overhead of marketing managers worth their weight. They need quality communication.

American Safety Technologies logo

American Safety Technologies— some products have a history in and of themselves— almost everyone has seen it in use. Some even become legendary… they make fun ads.

Brennen Medical, Inc. logo

Brennen Medical— referrals are similar to testimonials except they’re more personal, like finding a long lost friend, less small talk— more effective work… referrals are great for business.

CIMA Labs logo

CIMA Labs— sometimes you make your own luck, like when the director of marketing doesn’t show and the president takes over… he wasn’t happy with the agency. I helped them get listed on NASDAQ.

Digital Biometric logo

Digital Biometeric— new product introduction happens at the distributor level, you get one chance to show your stuff, so it had better look great… not just good.

Insulcast logo

Insulcast— package design preceeds collateral production and consistency is essential if product identification is to be expected… epoxy resin product literature can look elegant.

Huatulco logo

Huatulco— what’s a vacation? Five intense days of photography, coupled with meeting the President of the Trust Fund Committee makes for international business.

La Pura Jungla logo

La Pura Jungla— satellite communication was necessary if the client was 10 miles from the nearest phone line and has to take part in weekly status meetings… at 98¢ a minute it was cheaper than air fare.

MeritaNordbanken Group logo

MeritaNordBanken Group— Finland is a great country— they brought us the sauna, create fantastic furniture and art, and lead the world in e-banking… they pay us via ACH.

Morgan logo

Morgan Safety Products— British Limited Partnerships own a number of US corporations. And, Morgan Crucible plc. owned 150 world-wide— one was Morgan Safety... the were a US client.

Ontrack logo

Ontrack— It's nice to know when you consistently produce quality work for a client... and they accept a new position with another company... new business follows.

TELEX logo

TELEX— many marketing experts have the ability to create a blueprint for communication strategy, but it takes a group of experienced graphic designers to put the image on paper.

WAM!NET logo

WAM!NET— being in on the ground floor of an emerging company has its benefits. Creating logos, image ads, trade show booths, and supporting literature becomes part of of the road to an IPO.


If you need graphic work hit the contact button, for boat repair (my hobby) and maintenance information click here. I have connections to help.

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